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    Those who have sparse beards or those who lose their beards due to scars or diseases, transfering the hair follicles taken from the nape area to the shed areas is called beard transplantation. As in hair transplantation, beard transplantation is planned and performed specifically fort he patient. If there are only regional losses, a plan is made by evaluating the density of the beard around it. For people who have no beard, drawings are made and planting is done according to the areas that the patient wants and the doctor finds appropriate. Beard transplantation with the FUE method is carried out with the channels to be opened and the roots to be selected according to the natural growth direction of the beard. Beard transplantation with local anesthesia takes an average of 5 to 7 hours. Since hair follicles are living tissue, they sould be transplanted to the recipient area without waiting. If left to stand, they lose their functions as they become oxygen-free. This is especially important for people with limited hair follicles in the donor area.

    The things that the patient should pay attention to immediately after beard transplantation are important for a healty recovery. The patient should not touch or wash the beard area as much as possible. Cosmetic products such as perfume, lotion and cologne should be avoided, especially in addition to water. This area should be kept dry and clean for 10 days. Patients should also pay attention to their sleeping positions for 2-3 days. Small crusts formed on the skin will fall of spontaneously during the healing phase. During this period, people should not cut their beards. There are certain factors that should be considered in beard transplantation, as before hair transplantation.  

    Until 10 days before the transplant, blood thinners such as aspirin should be left under the control of a doctor, alcohol and green tea should not be consumed.

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