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    The most permanent way to add meaning to your looks and reveal your face shape in the most accurate way is eyebrow transplantation. The transplantation of hair follicles taken from the appropriate donor area of shed, sparse, scar or lost eyebrows is called eyebrow transplantation. Before starting the transplantation process, the part where the eyebrows will be placed is determined and this area is drawn. At this stage, the patient’s wishes are also listened to. The most important point in eyebrow planting is to plant the roots in the right direction. If there is a mistake in determining the direction, it can cause very different problems when the planting process is carried out in this way. Therefore, it would be more accurate to work with an expert team in eyebrow transplantation, as in other types of transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation performed with local anesthesia takes an average of 1.5-2 hours.

    After the eyebrow transplantation is completed, it is very important that the patient does not touch that area. Because the hardening and crusting phase of the roots here takes 1 week. Generally, it takes 3 months for the roots to fully settle, and 6 months for complete healing.

    The points to be considered before all planting types are the same in eyebrow transplantation, and we can list the points to be considered afterward as follows.

    • The transplanted area should not come into contact with water during the day and the first wash should be done by the transplanted doctor between 1-3 days.
    • You should not consume tobacco and alcohol after planting.
    • Since the hair follicles do not immediately fuse in the transplanted area, you should protect that area against friction and impacts.

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