Hair Transplantation , Does it leave a Scar after the Operation ?

With FUT, also known as a follicular unit transplant or strip, you are given local anesthesia in the donor area of your scalp. A donor strip is then remove and the area is sutured. This typically leaves a fine scar that’s easily hidden by your remaining hair. The follicular units are then divided under microscopic control into natural groupings of one, two and three hair follicular units. ith FUE, we still utilize the follicular unit approach to hair restoration, but instead of removing a donor strip, we remove one individual follicular unit at a time. The instrumentation we use is so small that the donor area is left with tiny, almost invisible marks. The main advantage to FUE is that it provides flexibility to have a short hairstyle. FUE is also a good option for those who do not have enough scalp laxity to undergo traditional strip excision and can even be used to repair donor scars from previous strip procedures that cannot be excised. Other advantages include minimal discomfort after surgery and less downtime. Good luck with your decision. .