Eyebrows Transplant by FUE Technique

: The Procedure of EyeBrows Transplantation During a FUE eyebrow hair transplant procedure, the donor area is prepared first. Typically, for an eyebrow transplant, this is the area directly behind the ears. The hair is carefully and discreetly taken out of the donor area, one follicle at a time, and then transplanted to the transplant area. It is performed under local anaesthetic and many patients comfortably fall asleep during the procedure. The Results The results are permanent and you will see some immediate differences with a new outline. The full results are typically expected within 12 months for a standard FUE hair transplant. For an eyebrow hair transplant the desired look can be achieved in less time but will still require several months.

1-EyeBrows Spare.
  • 2-EyeBrows Distortion.
  • 3-Scar caused by Injury.
  • 4-Scar caused by Surgery.
  • 5-Stitching the scar.
  • We can make it for anyone , We just need to have some grafts at the back of the head

    The Patient feels any pain during the Operation ?

    Certainly not , The area is given a local Anesthesia so Patient never feels any pain .

    Do you get a Natural look for Transplanted Eyebrows ?

    Deciding what to do Seperately for every person & Each person's hair peoperties, Our Aesthetic Specialist will determine the Density & the Shape of the Eyebrows according the Face's Features with It's Matching with the Eyes .. The shape of the Eyebrows differ from Person to Person